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October Daye Series by Seanan McGuire

OOC permissions
Backtagging: YES! My work schedule can make boomeranging difficult, so I'm always up for backtagging.
Threadhopping: Sure, if it makes sense ICly.
Offensive subjects: None

IC information
Species: Fae, specifically cait sidhie
Role/Faction: Knight of the Unseelie court
Strength: 1
Magic: 6
Friends/Allies: He's new to town, so none yet. He'll naturally ally with other cait sidhe, and he'll probably very quickly gain a small retinue of normal feral cats. He's most likely to ally or befriend other shapeshifters - fae or otherwise.
Enemies: None yet. He'll probably make some pretty quick.
Relationship status: Single.
Notable physical characteristics: The human illusion he uses makes him appear as a normal, decent looking young man, probably in his late twenties, maybe early thirties. He dresses nicely, but his style tends to be a bit old-fashioned. He can really pull off a poet shirt and a pair of tight trousers.

In cat form, he's a well built tabby tom cat.
Notable magical characteristics: He's fae, and obviously so. His eyes are an unnaturally intense green, and his hair is striped like his cat form's fur. His ears are pointed and slightly further up on his head. His hands also end in retractable claws.

In cat form his fae nature can be sensed by most supernatural senses.
Offensive subjects: None
Warnings: He's proud, arrogant, and ambitious. He's also not a fool. He's not looking to pick fights, but he won't back down from them, and he doesn't fight fair. He's also had many, many centuries of experience.

IC permissions
General physical violence: Sure. He heals fast enough that he's not afraid of a couple of tussles.
Injuring this character: Sure, though if you're wanting to bring iron or silver into the fight, talk to me first, since either of those could cause lasting injury, and I want to make sure I can work that into things.
Torturing this character: Definitely talk to me first. I'm not going to give a blanket no, but it's something that would really affect how he was played, so I want to be able to plan for it.
Killing this character: Perhaps. Canonically he can come back from the dead, but only a limited number of times, so I don't want to use those up without a good reason.
Mental/emotional torment: Talk to me first.
Physical intimacy: Flirting's fine, he'll probably do some right back. Anything further, it needs IC buildup.
Romance: Potentially. He's kind of closed himself off to the possibility for a long time, so he'll be slow to open up.
Using magic on this character: Sure
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, but even in human form, he doesn't exactly have a human mindset.
Using mind control on this character: Talk to me first.



Apr. 21st, 2014 02:17 pm
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This is my HMD thing for Tybalt. Comments, crit and/or clever quotes accepted ;)


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